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We're in a digital age.
Everything is digital.

What has happened to CDs, DVDs, books, paper plane tickets, or calling to make reservations? What has happened to giant fold-out maps? What has happened to telephones? What is next? What everyday object is about to disappear? What industry is about to be reshaped or consumed by software? What jobs will be created, and which roles will disappear?

What does the near future look like in 2020, when the child of 1999 turns 21, iPhone turns 13 and the UN turns 100.

Internet connectivity is reshaping where the knowledge worker can physically work. From an office, from home, on a high-speed train hurtling across Europe (or China) or pool-side with a pina colada mocktail in hand.

Yet at the same time, APIs and process automation will consume event-triggered and repetitive work. This means we all need to get more creative in how we create value. And in parallel, we need to consider the positive and negative impact of emerging phenomena, like the “sharing economy”. Are we inadvertently creating a new generation of low paid workers who will in turn be ‘automated’ out of work? Are business models that are challenging hotel chains also displacing people who are the soul of a city’s centre?

Zip forward a few years. Which technology that already exists, but isn’t yet mainstream, will further change the status quo? Will driverless cars reshape industries from taxis to trucks? And in turn, will that impact car ownership and indeed the role of public transport? How as a society can we best prepare for continuous learning and increase our own creativity so that those made jobless can contribute anew?

What are you doing to prepare yourself? And what is your business doing to survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond?

We are not experts in your business. But we do dig deep, research hard, brainstorm wildly and look to connect your business’s grandest aspirations to a digital roadmap that turns the complex windy road ahead into a sign-posted path that we can navigate together. We work with you to navigate both the big and the day-to-day changes that operating in the digital space brings. We look to the future and see adventure.

We don’t do digital. We help transform how the world sees, meets, greets and connects with you. That is Katanya.

Katanya was founded in 2011. We’re a boutique yet international consultancy that specialises in digital. Learn more about us.

Transform the way the world sees you.