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About us

From understanding how customers behave to the latest in digital trends we work with our clients to empower teams to imagine, integrate and transform the way they are seen online.

It’s an exciting time for marketers wanting to build meaningful relationships with their customers. The development of technology continues to amplify these opportunities and experiences.

Advocacy for brands start with companies engaging with their user’s curiosity and delivering a great product experience – from delivering the right content, to usability, site features and performance.

Do more with digital

Our world is ever-changing. In technology and innovation, in how we communicate, in the connections we're seeking. What seems impossible one minute is a reality the next. Through exploration, learning and asking questions that resonate with users, brands can transform the way they interact with the world online.

We work as partners with our clients to help solve business challenges and reflect their business goals through creating brilliant digital experiences. Our passion spans facilitating workshops to tinkering with code and exploring the latest technology. From a strong core idea we work with clients to build, develop, and help sustain them.

We have worked with organisations that have included professional services, financial services, banking, Government and big brands with high transaction web-sites. We’re everything you’d expect from a boutique consultancy: accountable, flexible and personable. With offices across four continents, we understand global business and the importance of user advocacy and support.

We understand that the flexibility, control and support for users to manage their websites long after they are implemented is a crucial part of website and product development.

Explore together

Katanya is an international digital consultancy with a rich mix of skills, styles, experiences, and services. Our approach is one of discovery, participation, action and education to support you through every step of your project and beyond. We love turning your ideas into action.

Our experience and passion spans across redesign and replatforming, developing governance models, protocols, tools and standards, internal user advocacy to drive strategy and product development across global markets, cultures and languages. We’re building roadmaps with our clients – where everything from the most immediate details to big picture aspirations is simple, organised and aligned to business outcomes.

On a project basis we work much in the same way as other project teams – collaboratively with you, but where your digital efforts requires more support on a short or long term basis we can also work alongside you as an extension to your team.

Our team all have extensive experience working with global consulting firms across our three business focus areas in digital.

Our story

The idea for creating Katanya started one evening in the Old Town of Prague in 2010 over a few beers and Becherovkas. Jason, Ben and Mark were deliberating the events and challenges of the day's workshop, which brought them from their respective homes in Australia, Israel, and South Africa. There were laughs, as well as shared ideas and napkin scribbles about how we could deliver more to our clients through a consultancy approach.

Something that became a reality in February 2011.

We understand how important it is to explore and develop business goals, whatever they may be. Our goal was to create a business that was commercially innovative, virtual and agile to be there for our clients when they need it the most.

We come from (roughly) decades of industry experience in senior roles across marketing, business, product development and IT. We have a good handle on what marketers face every day - knowing the ins and outs of what’s really required to ensure projects are delivered and executed successfully both internally and externally.

Having worked with and for a number of professional services organisations, we understand the mechanics of partnerships, the nature of the services and the different selling lifecycles.

We may be a smaller boutique consultancy but we’re delivering scale and reach for our clients working globally from seven countries. Our teams learn from their counterparts experiences sitting in different offices, working with different languages and timezones. We think your digital journey should be fun and exciting, with clear communication and understanding all the way.

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