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Discover and create a roadmap that reflects your aspiration and business drivers.

To truly reach then engage with your audience, you first have to understand them and your business goals and aspirations. We work to discover the core user and business insights that lead to successful digital products and roadmaps. Our process ensures recommendations are actionable, scalable and user-tested.

Whether it is content strategy, inbound marketing, strategy to develop a new digital platform or a tactical campaign, we start with research, discovery and analysis to uncover the core user and business insights that lead to successful digital products and roadmaps.

We start by extending the experience of your brand online. Understand your existing presence, channels and devices to evolve and create personal ways for consumers to connect and engage. Our process brings structure to business problems ensuring recommendations are actionable, scalable and user-tested.

What we do

Strategic Planning Workshops

We understand that the hardest parts of a digital project are getting it started, challenging the current journey and reflecting on your platform performance. Our workshops are designed to kick-start projects, evolve existing ideas and infuse current projects with the secret weapon to success. Think of workshops as a first date – a minimal commitment that focuses effort around designing solutions that truly reflect your customer needs first. If that all sounds good, we’ll work at helping you apply it when you’re ready.

Our involvement can range from two hours to a full day or even a week – all based on your specific wants and needs. Workshop outcomes can inform technical, design, UX, social and inbound marketing considerations (depending on the topic).

Training and Development Plans

With digital products increasing in complexity, it is imperative to create a structured internal process that outlines where your project is at, what is changing and where it needs to go. Ultimately projects will only be successful if your staff use it in the way it was imagined. Depending on the size and scale of the project it may mean changing, and sometimes re-engineering established systems and business practices.

Mapping this out upfront in your strategy development will greatly enhance the successful and sustainable implementation of projects. We develop training plans, advice and guidance documentation, and our teams work closely with clients to understand and assess the requirements to execute the activities from process through to integration.

User experience (UX) strategy

Users will decide in just a few seconds whether sites, channels or apps are worth their time. Focusing on UX quickly brings to light the true nature of a product in a collaborative, cross-functional way. This helps lower the risk in product development, and means less rework and more commercial benefits. It also genuinely speaks to the aspirations, needs and pain points of your users.

We approach UX through blending research, analysis and design. We keep the user front of mind throughout to understand what their digital behaviour is – and most importantly, why – to create personal experiences that surprise and delight.

Assessment and Analytics

Data and analytical insights into online performance allow companies to identify the necessary areas of growth, future feature sets and areas of opportunities for ongoing user engagement, transformation and products for future investment.

From analysing current performance, online channel behaviour, device types and user interaction, as well as content structure and website architecture and tone, the data can be used to give you the strategic insights needed to maximise your return on investment.

Inbound Marketing

Great campaigns go beyond just getting customers in the front door; they incorporate ongoing customer engagement, brand and digital advocacy. The availability of digital content provides effective real-time sales and communication opportunities that can turn customers into loyal customers, productive employees into profitable employees, and learners into successful students. In short, digital content benefits the bottom line.

Search engines are evolving to address user needs more effectively. And that great idea, new service, or new product will need a strategic vantage point to be seen. Inbound marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought but upfront (in a clearly defined digital strategy), demonstrating your approach to foster long-term engagements with users.

There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all plan for digital transformation and strategy. Existing websites, legacy systems, content strategies, social channels and digital team resourcing impacts on companies’ strategic approach and execution in the short and long term. We help you navigate to what works best for your needs.

Digital strategy is a continual review of where you are now, upcoming projects and execution phases – in an actionable roadmap. A distillation of a business’ aspirations, goals and digital touch points. It’s a blueprint for documenting how to operate in the digital and online space. Missing the roadmap step can be lead to lower than estimated impact, development issues, as well as costly rework and redesign.

Transform the way the world sees you.